Benefits of Storm Doors

Some people ignore how important can be installing a storm door, these are special doors that are attached to the outside part of the common front door, they function independently and many people –mostly when they buy a house that brings them- wonder if they are really necessary. It results that one of the biggest advantages of storm doors is that they protect your main door from weather changes and minimize the damages that rain, wind or ice can cause.

Although, storm doors can be used in unique ways and have a lot of functions that normal doors don’t. Adding glass in your storm door brings a layer of insulation in cold month, in the summertime that glass is replaced with a screen that allows you to open your door and let sunlight and fresh air circulate into the house. Here are another’s advantages of storm doors:

  • Insects out: In fall days many people want to keep their doors open to increase the air flow but the bugs are such a problem. With a storm door, this is a problem from the past because the screen that usually is installed in this season makes you able to freely open your door and don’t worry about bugs never more.
  • Energy efficiency goes up: these doors can decrease your costs and make you save some money. The layer of insulation that is added with the installation of this door creates an airlock between your home and the outside, this makes an intern equilibrium of temperature and prevents heating and cooling systems from working extra, also produce a reduction on energy bills.
  • Security is always first: In these days, leaving your door open can be dangerous and storm doors bring extra security to the elements that compose them. First, they come with their own lock set and the glass that is installed is not breakable as the one that comes in common front doors. Although if you don’t have a peephole, a storm door makes a barrier between the unexpected guest and you.
  • Easy, breezy and inexpensive: Storm doors are available in many kinds and all of them are very easy to install at home and deliver to you immediate results. Also, their lifetime is of approximately 50 years making their purchase almost irrelevant. And what is important to everyone, they are very cheap.

Another fact that is important to people at the moment of purchasing one of this doors is: will it match with the exterior door and with the house? The answer is yes! There are multiple styles of storm doors that you can consider:

  • Full-Size Screen: This style would give the house a larger screen that allows extra air circulation and sunlight benefits of a storm doorand they are available with one or two separate sashes.
  • Half-Size Screen: If your stylish side doesn’t want an entire screen there are half options, this design gives you less light and air but gives you more privacy, they are also available with one or two sashes.
  • Glass options: Instead of screens, storm doors can have a glass to protect them and they create an extra barrier to security because this kind of glasses is often stronger than normal doors one.
  • Frame options: Another decision is the style of the frame this is available in different colors and can be improved with decorative designs added to the frame to accent the exterior door.
  • Kick Panel: When you choose the half-sized screen you can add a kick panel that brings strength to the door and usually they are rust resistant.
  • Bottom Sweep: This is another line of defense against outside weather, this prevents –most in cold seasons- drafts from entering to your home and you end up saving money because without drafts temperature inside will be stable.

Definitely, buying a storm door always will be a big investment for your home because doesn’t bring you only an extra layer of security or more style, there’s a lot of benefits they can bring to your home and you’ll never get disappointed of them.