Steel vs Wood Doors: Which is Better for Your Home

Replacing a garage door is as complicated as choosing your favorite dessert, not for the procedure but for all the options. One of the biggest decisions is what kind of door full people’s expectations or needs. Wood and steel are the most popular options for garage doors and each one has pros and cons. Also, it is necessary to take on the count that garage doors are a reversal and before taking a definite decision you must be sure of it. Even tho, exist some standards for garage doors you need to bear in mind:

  • Aesthetics must be on the top of your thoughts: Depending on which kind of house you have wood or steel doors can or cannot be your choice and more if the garage door gives to the street. In the case of wood doors, this kind of doors make the house looks expensive and the property value gets higher. Instead, steel doors are true warriors; can handle humidity, rain and heat and these will not be affected.

steel vs wood doors

Everything is going alright, some pro recommends you what choice you must choose, but if you aren’t sure because you ignore the characteristics of each kind of door you should keep reading:

Wood doors: Some of the principal pros of wood doors is that these ones add beauty, grace and a lot of style to your home, another pro is that won’t dent easily; if you invest enough budget into a good wood this will be durable, a curb appeal is added instantly to the outside view of the house. Going back into styling, wood doors gives you a world of various options that fit the style of your house, and last of it, are more energy-efficient than steel ones.

Even when it looks like a perfect decision exists some cons that will make you think twice. Wood doors are more expensive, depending on the type of wood you choose the price can fluctuate, the second con is that these kind of words are harder to maintain and difficult to install; as everyone knows wood is a delicate material to work with, this kind of words needs a lot of care for avoiding damage or bad-looking and this can include expensive products for cleaning and maintenance, is the same with the installation, because a little mistake can compromise the correct functions of the door. Another thing that increases the costs are that wood doors are only automatic and this can be an additional expense. Finally, they are very affected by weather changes and this turns them into a constant rent in products.

Steel doors: On the other side the cons of steel doors are fewer but important. Starting with the pros, steel doors are more durable, this kind of material has a long lifetime. The favorite part for people is that these kind of garage doors are cheaper and almost everyone can afford one. Easy to install and long-lasting, for every professional installing a steel door is like the daily bread, easy and breeze, although, this material can last a long time than wood. Even when you are saving money it is not necessary to leave style behind because, good news, steel doors can imitate the look of wood and doesn’t involve all the procedures that wood needs, and you will keep your stylish image in front of your friends. Last, steel requires less maintenance, nevertheless, giving it a good care improve the life of the material.

As everything has its cons and, in the case of steel, there are only three: may dent, have limited choices and may rust. Even when is a good material, this kind of doors may dent with hard hits and detract the appearance; the catalog of steel is not very big, but with some imagination you can bring life to it, finally, rust is the worst enemy of steel because is something almost impossible to prevent. In conclusion, both choices have pros and cons and depend on what you can afford or in the type of style you want to bring to your house.