Garage Sizes – Get the Right Garage Door

Garage sizes are one of the most important things someone needs to take into account because these will guarantee how many cars can be able to be inside and how many spaces can be able to work in. Even with the passing of the years, most of the garages have stayed with general dimensions: about 18 to 20 feet long and 9 to 10 feet wide per car with a single garage door on average width of 8 feet. Nevertheless, time changes and it is necessary to know the correct dimensions thinking on how much space you will need for cars or to store stuff.


To know more about garage sizes it is necessary to first know about their doors. First of all, width, generally single cars come of 8ft (2,4 meters), for this kind of cars are available doors from 9ft (2,7 meters) to decrease the chance of scratches in any part of the car. Likewise, doors for two cars come of 14ft (4,3 meters) wide to 15 or 16 feet wide (4,6 to 4,9 meters). Height, the standard can be available as of 7 or 8 ft (2,1 to 2,4 meters), even though, with some extra money you can hive a professional to have a custom height and even customize it.

Another thing that you need to know is if in your country exists some required dimension for your garage door. In some cities, like California, the dimensions go from 10 to 20ft per car, this allows anybody to walk into the garage and walk around the car with enough space. Leave at least 36 inches (0,9 meters) between each car to be able to enter and exit comfortably out of your car and can easily walk through them. Some common statistics from cars are these:

  • Mini: Come as of 6ft of width, 12ft length and 4ft height (1,9 – 3,7 – 1,4 meters)
  • Med-size: The minimum can be 6ft width, 16ft length, and 4ft height (2,1 – 4,9 – 1,5 meters)
  • Trucks or cargo vans: The width can variate depending if mirrors are folded or not. The measures go on 8ft (with mirrors) width or 7ft (without mirrors), 19ft length, and 6ft height (2.6/2.1 – 6 – 2 meters)

Obviously, the design is primordial to keep the aesthetics of the house. Usually, two doors garages are designed for contemporary architecture or multi-panels with windows for traditional ones.

Another curious fact about garage sizes is that, in the actual time, there are fewer people that use their garages to save their cars. Here are some reasons why:

  • Laziness is our worst enemy: Some people argue that their houses are too old and their cars don’t fit into their 1950s garage. Others said that is the fault of the cars because manufacturers are building cars “fatter”. The disadvantage of this situation is that streets get very pressure and traffic gets heavier and tedious.
  • Second home: Some people use their garages as an extension of their homes. In the actual time, everyone with a garage prefers to turn it into a personal gym, an office or a play-room for kids instead of just parking cars, although, is hard to park a car with a desk in the middle of it.
  • Compulsive accumulators: Is well known that throwing away things from our past is hard, and some people turn their garage into their favorite accumulation place. This, and even more when it turns into something psychological, creates big problems because the garage is full of trash and old things, so there’s no space for cars.
  • The youngster and broken: The dream of every teenager is to have their own car, but some of them can’t afford a house that brings a garage This makes them obligated to park on the street.

Finally, despite pros and cons having a comfortable garage is necessary for every family and depending on the city, and the budget can be a dream come true.